08 October 2008

iAdmit it. i want an iPhone.

Yesterday, I was at work and I needed to call someone. I didn't have reception, so my boss handed me his iPhone.
Yes, I the iPhone. I have long railed against them, citing their high price and low necessity. Does anyone really NEED an iPhone? No. Should everyone want one? Probably.

I don't know what it was, but when I cradled that phone in my hands, it seemed to radiate energy and pure awesomeness in a way that few things in life can. I felt, for a brief second, that I DID in fact need an iPhone. After all, they're so sleek, user-friendly, powerful...

It almost seemed a sin to use it for something as mundane and common as a phone call. Why on earth would I use an iPhone to make a call? That's what normalPhones are for.

Like my rockin' BlackBerry Pearl, which I also love.

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